Steps to Update Class Teacher Information and Verify and Update Student Data

In APDM it is necessary to update the details of the teachers. Apart from the student related data it is also important to verify the data related to the class teachers.

Steps to update information related to APDM

  • The school APDM admin has to first go the actual APDM site.
  • Then they have to log in to the site using the correct User id and password
  • Then it is required to go to the class registration menu.
  • There will be an “Existing Class” option where you have to click on update that is there at the end of the class
  • Then update the class teacher’s name there

Reviewing the data related to students

Student data submitted by the teachers have to be reviewed by the school admin before it is send to PPD. In order to do so they have to follow the steps mentioned below:


  • First it is required to log in to the APDM system.
  • There one has to click on “Student data” option
  • Here the admin needs to verify if the number of students in each class and total number of students are tallying. The gender of students also need to be verified here
  • In order to get the list of students along with their gender the admin needs to click on Class name.
  • Then the admin has to click on the name of each student and check if all the data that has been entered are correct.

Verifying the student data

  • First they need to click on student data
  • Then they have to click on the option that says, “All student data has been updated”

Here the admin has to verify all the important data. Once this is done then the school admin can send this information to the PPD. This is a very important aspect and every school haveto ensure that this data is accurate. If you need any more information about APDM then you can visit