Serger – Wonderful compliment to sewing machine

Have you ever wondered how to do get the nice finished edge on the inside of your clothes which you never end up with the sewing machine but rather with a serger? It can be your new best friend and a wonderful complement to the sewing machine. You can find a best choice by the bestsergerreview from users.

Scoop on a Serger

We all know the fabric art clothes that we buy in the stores have a special finished edge on them. This job is typically done by the serger where the seam is sewn looksperfect. To the most amazement it trims off the excess cloth at the same time. The machine generally uses four threads, but it depends on your seam construction how many threads you are going to use. If you are going to do something decorative you will require two to three colors of thread.


How to get started with Serger

You can do all the great stiches you need with serging. You can have a better knowledge about serger when you read best serger review. How does the serger normal look like? The serger has a longer needle plate and longer feed dogs within it. These longer feed dogs helps in guiding your fabric through your machine and in a faster pace. Furthermore it has a longer presser foot, the presser foot is basically twice as long as your typical sewing machine. The serger has two needles on the upper part of the machine which does the interlock stitches, it looks much like knitting.

Final Thoughts

Serger is typically an Overlock machine that binds clothing in an overlock stitch at a faster rate and more professional way. It is a more durable way to sew your fabrics. With bestsergerreview you can choose your new best friend.