Preciousness of Lab-Made Diamonds –Components of Jewelry

When we talk of precious jewelry, the question comes in our mind is about its preciousness. What significantly adds to the price of jewelry. Jewelry making is a complete process in which cost of men and material is equally important. No doubt, the Gold metal and diamond stone are precious, but the way materials are designed and aligned is an art which requires highly skilled labor the price of which add significantly to its price. Diamondsare forever. Diamond was being used in jewelry making since ancient times and it will be the component of future jewelry because diamond has its own character, a uniqueness which has appealed not only to consumers but also to Lugano Diamonds like jewelry makers who had vision to see design diversity in this element.

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Gemological features of diamond

The use of diamond dates back to antiquity for the purpose of adornment. You know why? Because it has a prismic effect which disperse an ordinary light into spectral colors and this is its unique characteristic. The gemologists grade diamond for its value on the basis of this exceptional characteristic. The yardstick for this stone’s worth is four Cs – carat, color, cut, and clarity. Carat is the weight mass of diamond. Color is its perfection because the finest diamond is always colorless and its worth decreases with tinge of color. Original diamond has a rough surface and it is the art of cutting and shaping which creates its luster. Foreign particle or crystal is sometimes contained in the diamond which obscure its clarity and reduce light dispersion to reduce its worth. These four Cs offer lab-made diamonds a look like natural diamonds.

Diamond performance

Diamond performance is its four Cs and that reflects the performance of its maker also. Jewelry making is an art and artists make same trend with lab jewels like that in the case of natural diamonds.