New car vs Used or Pre-Owned car

A customer, who is thinking to buy a car, always goes through a dilemma that whether he or she should go for a new car or a used one. Both have advantages as well as disadvantages of their own. A customer should always go through each and every point before making any choice.

A new car gives more mental satisfaction of achievement which sometimes is missing with the used one. So used car loses one point here. But the new car comes with a hefty price tag whereas a used one is comparatively lighter on pocket. Budget is a big factor while making any decision. But definitely used-cars score high in this matter. Many dealerships like Car Vision , etc.,  have a complete catalogue for used-cars. A buyer can go through their websites and look for the available used-cars and their prices. Depreciation is another big factor. A car starts losing its value once it’s on the roads. So it makes more sense to buy a used-car as it already has  gone through that and buyer won’t be losing much. Now, a buyer can modify a new car the way he or she wants, but this generally is not possible with the  used – cars. They can’t be modified to a large extent. New car comes with a big insurance premium but used-car because of its price has less premium. However, maintenance cost of a used-car might be higher than the new one’s maintenance.

There are few other points  like some taxes, etc. But all in all, it totally depends on the customer’s need and desire. Both new and used-car, got advantages and disadvantages. A buyer should always check out every options. There are many dealerships like CarVision that help customers a lot in making a decision.