Lugano Diamond – Womens Passion for Diamonds

Diamonds adds luxury and glow to your personality with its elegance. It is considered as the most favourite choice among many ranging from young adults to old grannies since none have the sparkle like diamonds. It is wonderful gift to gift someone special. Lugano Diamonds has developed a reputation for themselves with passionately crafted fine jewelries of dazzling collections made by designer experts.

What’s in a women’s jewelry box

Women basically have passion of collecting jewelry right from their childhood. They start setting their jewelry box with pieces whatever they find attractive to most expensive diamond collections. Though they have many collection of jewelries yet something hold close to the heart is the beautiful gift given by your life partners especially when it turns to be a diamond from one of the finest jewelries in the industry like Lugano diamonds. Diamond jewelries greatly impact on your personalities. Women feel naked without jewelries. But it is equally essential to know the quality of the diamond before going for one.

Identify a fake diamond

Women adds glamour to their personality by adorning themselves with diamond jewelry. It is important to distinguish the difference between a real and fake diamond because diamond is an expensive rock so you can’t just lose your money on fake diamond. Lugano diamonds known for its authenticity suggests few ways to test your diamond yourself like fogging it up like a mirror. Fake diamond remains fogged for quite a few seconds but the real diamonds gets cleared instantly. Similarly, when your diamond is very transparent it implies that it is fake whereas real diamonds scatter light. Now you can be for sure that your diamond is real or fake.


Lugano Diamonds gives an opportunity to the customers to pick something exclusive that suits their imagination and elegance. You can get exactly shop what you desire and have a fantastic experience with these collections.