Integrating APDM Into School’s Administration: Why It Is Important

The Internet has become one of the most indispensable parts of our lives. Beginning from our workplaces to home, we are becoming more reliant on World Wide Web with each passing day. Even schools have shifted their method of documenting students’ information from paper to computers.

APDM is a system that was created to exchange student information between schools, District and State Departments of Education.


Advantages of APDM:

The hand-written system used to keep track of students has become obsolete nowadays. APDM or Student’s Database Application system is a new way by which teachers keep track of students’ attendance to school. The website- was created as a place to discuss APDM system.

This portal is a secure place where very few people have access to. Apart from the admin at APDM, teachers of the school and one admin assigned by school will have access to it. They are the only people who will be able to control every student’s data. Hence, this system is unassailable and ideal to protect the privacy of students.

How does the site work?

The APDM site can be accessed by very few people. It is mainly the school appointed admin who has the task of updating this site with information. Firstly, to access this website, the admin has to log in with their user ID and password. After logging in, they have to go to the “update menu” to make changes to school’s information. After making changes, “update school information” will update the new information.

Just visiting – will give you a detailed overview of how this site works. Apart from the admin, teachers of the school can enter this portal and update their classes, delete and schedule new classes as well.

Thus the APDM website is one-stop for all vital school related things. Teachers and both the District and State Education Boards have benefitted hugely from this systematic outlook of pedagogy.